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    What are the best restaurants in Zurich?

    Splash out at the Kronenhalle with its impressive art collection. Paintings look even better when they have a wine pairing, right? This luxury venue is frequented by the rich and the famous, and for good reason - the food is incredible. For traditional Swiss food in a Medieval building, try Zeughauskeller in Zurich's historic centre. From hearty meat dishes to cold cuts, you'll love the food as much as you'll love the historic atmosphere. And the best Korean restaurant in Zurich? It has to be Misoga. This relaxed restaurant has an authentic feel with classic bibimbap and a Korean barbeque.

    Where should I visit near Zurich?

    Turquoise lakes, awe-inspiring mountains - there's a lot of beauty in this part of the world. Explore the Eastern Swiss Alps and the romantic castles of Lichenstein - just 75 minutes away by car. Who knew fairytale lands were this close? If you're looking for something a bit more dramatic, hop on a 50-minute train to the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) north of Zurich for cascading natural beauty. Or set your sights on something bigger - Mount Titlis is a 1.5-hour drive from Zurich. Its 3,238-metre height will have you sparkly eyed and don't forget to try out the snow park there (get yourself on a sled and see how far you can go!).

    Is there any skiing near Zurich?

    Yes, you can be flying down the hillside in less than 90 minutes from Zurich. Skiing is a big deal for the Swiss: Rigi is just 50 minutes by car from Zurich and is known as 'The Queen of Mountains', or go to Hock-Ybrig (84 minutes by train from Zurich HB) if extreme sports are your bag. Skis and poles are available to rent so there's no need to pop goggles in your hand luggage.

    What is the weather like in Zurich?

    The best time to visit is summer between June and August when temperatures hit a balmy 21 degrees. Things can get seriously chilly down by the lake in winter as the weather drops to freezing - however, hardy skiers won't mind that one bit!

    Where are the best bars in Zurich?

    Are you ready to bring out your party persona? George is the place to be for local celebrities and glam nights out. This 1950s-chic bar has an elegant dancefloor and live music - everything from jazz to house. What's more is that George is just around the corner from citizenM Zurich hotel. Pop there for a boogie and hop straight into bed when you're all partied out. For lakeside views - La Muna. This Peruvian and Japanese-style restaurant has a chalet-inspired interior and a rooftop bar with panoramic views of Lake Zurich. Sip your martini in style and let the breeze wash over you.

    Why is Zurich called the Old Town?

    It's not really Zurich that's Old Town - it's more the name of the oldest area of the city center (also called Kreis 1). Steeped in history, Zurich's Old Town has buildings dating back to the Medieval period. Called the Altstadt by locals, follow the narrow, cobbled lanes (all on foot, of course - there are no cars allowed here) to explore centuries into the past. Despite its name, the Old Town has the highest concentration of clubs in the whole of Switzerland, so don't forget your dancing shoes.

    What things are there to do in Zurich?
    1. Book a cruise and take in the beauty of Lake Zurich.
    2. Climb the centuries-old towers of Grossmünster.
    3. Explore the medieval streets of the Old Town.
    4. Shop until you drop on Bahnhofstrasse.
    5. Take a stroll in the beauty of the University of Zürich Botanical Garden.
    What lake is near Zurich in Switzerland?

    That's easy to remember - it's Lake Zurich! This long, narrow lake floats by many cities - see if you can arrange a cruise to disembark all the way at the other end - at Schmerikon.

    How can I celebrate Pride in Zurich?

    Since 1994, Zurich has taken to the streets to celebrate Pride. Kasernenareal is the place to be for celebrating love and the LGBTQ+ community each June.

    Where can I find the best fondue in Zurich?

    Sometimes we all need to get stuck into some cheesy goodness. Aside from Swiss Chuci, make the short trip to Chez Crettol on the opposite bank of Lake Zurich. Family-owned Chez Crettol serves traditional raclette by the open fire for a cosy evening with copious fromages. Or, with a 15-minute drive outside Zurich, try the Chäsalp experience. This rustic farmhouse in the mountains serves fondue with views - go there in the summer for beautiful sunsets (and a touch of romance, of course).

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